We strive to deliver the ultimate air conditioning experience by utilizing cutting-edge technology in the realm of HVAC that prioritizes comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Our services encompass every aspect of air conditioning, from initial design and installation to ongoing maintenance and support for all industries. With our wealth of experience and expertise, you can trust us to provide exceptional services that will surpass your expectations.


Your family’s comfort and well-being are of the utmost importance. Trust us to create a healthy and comfortable environment in your home. Whether you’re constructing a new home or experiencing problems with your current air conditioning, we are here to meet all of your needs.


When your employees are comfortable, your office runs at its best. We can help create a productive work environment for your new office with our air conditioning solutions or fix any existing issues.


Give your customers the best shopping experience by keeping them cool and comfortable with our air conditioning solutions. We can handle the complete installation of new units for your new store, or provide maintenance services for your existing systems.


Have you ever noticed that some restaurants can be uncomfortably warm even though they have multiple air conditioners? This is often caused by poor design. Don’t make the same mistake, use our services to ensure your customers return for a comfortable dining experience.


Provide a comfortable, healthy and nurturing environment for the children and staff, to enhance the learning experience. We can take care of the entire school facility and attend to breakdown requests as a priority.


Protect your products from harsh weather conditions and extend their shelf life. Create a comfortable working environment for your factory workers. We also specialize in designing air handling units for specific industrial air conditioning needs.

Only the best services

Our technicians are highly skilled and have received direct training from DAIKIN. They participate in regular training seminars, stay up to date with the latest industry practices, and have hands-on experience in troubleshooting complete systems. You can rely on their expertise to provide the best service for all your air conditioning needs.

Only the best products

We offer a wide range of air conditioning equipment that caters to all sectors, from residential to industrial. We have options for every budget and only provide reliable products. Our products are also backed by manufacturer warranty.

Only the best products

We carry an extensive range of air conditioning equipment catering to all sectors from residential to industrial. We offer options for every budget and only deal in reliable products. Our products are backed with manufacturer warranty.

Explore the diverse range of services we provide


We offer comprehensive HVAC design services, including heat load calculations, equipment selection, duct and grille sizing, and detailed drawings.


We provide installation services for a wide range of systems including decorative wall splits, ducted, package, cassette, chilled water fan coil units, and VRV systems.


Our technicians possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are highly skilled in troubleshooting all types of HVAC systems.


Our technicians adhere to manufacturer guidelines to service and maintain the system, ensuring optimal performance.

Duct Cleaning

We clean and sanitize ducts using anti-microbial solutions to enhance indoor air quality and promote a healthy environment.


We install smart thermostats and controls to help conserve energy and lower operating costs.


Partner with us for all your HVAC equipment needs, and enjoy discounted pricing compared to buying directly from the manufacturer.


We fabricate all our ducts and accessories in-house, including PIR, Phenolic, GI, and have a team of highly skilled duct fabricators.

Annual Maintenance

Sign up for an Annual Maintenance Contract and increase the lifespan of your systems while ensuring optimal performance year-round, with unlimited callouts.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

With half a century of experience, you can rely on us for all your air conditioning needs. Whether it’s for your home, office, commercial, or industrial requirements, we are here to help.

Take a look at the broad range of products we offer

Decorative Wall Mounted

Decorative wall-mounted splits are mounted on the wall, with the condensing units located outside, either on the wall or roof. It’s sleek, elegant, and the most cost-efficient solution for small spaces.

Concealed Ducted

Concealed ducted units are installed within the ceiling and distribute air through ducts. It can condition multiple zones using a single equipment, and enhance the room’s aesthetics as the equipment is not visible.


Cassette units are installed within the ceiling and feature a decorative panel that delivers air in four directions. It also comes with a built-in drain pump, eliminating the need for a natural gravity drain slope.


Package units have the evaporator and condenser combined into one unit, which is installed outside the building, and distributes air through ducts. They come in a variety of sizes and capacities and can serve multiple zones.


Decorative ceiling-mounted units are installed below the ceiling, with the condensing units located outside, either on the wall or roof. They are slim machines and come in larger capacities than decorative wall-mounted ACs.

Floor Standing

Floor standing or tower ACs are placed on the floor with the condensing unit located outside. They are portable and come in large capacities. They are also suitable as a temporary solution and are ideal for quick fixes.


VRV is the most recent advancement in air conditioning technology in which several indoor units are linked to one or more condensing units. It offers the most flexibility in design and reduces the outdoor equipment footprint. Additionally, it provides the highest energy efficiency.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) cool fresh air by utilizing the cooler room air temperature via a heat exchanger, reducing the ambient fresh air temperature. This reduces the cooling load within the space and improves efficiency.

Air Handling Units

Air handling units are tailored to meet specific requirements with advanced filtration options and are fabricated on order. They are commonly used for fresh air handling units and specialized air handling units that require specific conditioning parameters.

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