Daikin FXDQ32A3

1.0 Ton | 3.6 kW | 1.3 HP | 12,000 Btu/h

FXDQ-A3, VRV, VRV Ducted

Experience optimal comfort with the energy-efficient Daikin FXDQ32A3, a versatile concealed ducted split for VRV, perfect for small or well-insulated rooms.

AED  2,350.00

Daikin FXDQ-A3 VRV Concealed Ducted Technical Specifications Image

Introducing the Daikin FXDQ32A3 from the FXDQ-A3 Concealed Ducted Split for VRV, the perfect solution for small or well-insulated rooms such as hotel bedrooms or small offices. With a slim and compact design, this unit can easily be mounted in a ceiling void of only 240mm, making it highly flexible for installation.

Featuring a medium external static pressure up to 44Pa, this unit can be used with flexible ducts of varying lengths, further increasing its installation versatility. Its discreet concealed wall design means that only the suction and discharge grilles are visible, ensuring a clean and modern aesthetic.

This unit comes with an auto cleaning filter option, ensuring maximum efficiency, comfort, and reliability through regular filter cleaning. Developed specifically for small rooms, the 15 class unit offers superior climate control and is highly energy-efficient thanks to its specially developed DC fan motor.

The Daikin FXDQ-A3 also comes equipped with a multi-zoning kit, which allows for multiple individually-controlled climate zones to be served by one indoor unit. Additionally, the air suction direction can be altered from rear to bottom suction, making it even more versatile for different installation setups.

Finally, this unit comes with a standard drain pump with a 600mm lift, increasing flexibility and installation speed. With its sleek and versatile design, the Daikin FXDQ-A3 is the perfect choice for small spaces that require superior climate control.





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