Daikin FXFQ63B

2.0 Ton | 7.0 kW | 2.6 HP | 24,000 Btu/h

FXFQ-B, VRV, VRV Cassette

Experience superior cooling with the Daikin FXFQ63B Cassette AC. This VRV unit offers high efficiency, versatility, and a host of innovative features for optimal comfort.

AED  3,600.00

Daikin FXFQ-B VRV Cassette Technical Specifications Image

Introducing the Daikin FXFQ63B Cassette AC for VRV – the perfect solution for those seeking both efficiency and comfort in their air conditioning system. With a range of features to choose from, including optional automatic filter cleaning panels that result in higher efficiency and comfort, this unit is perfect for those who want to enjoy a low-maintenance and cost-effective air conditioning system.

The Daikin FXFQ-B Cassette AC comes with two optional intelligent sensors that improve energy efficiency and comfort, as well as the widest choice ever in decoration panels. Choose from designer panels in white or black, standard panels in white with grey louvers, or full white. With bigger flaps and a unique swing pattern, the unit provides improved equal air distribution, while individual flap control offers the flexibility to suit every room layout without changing the location of the unit.

At just 214mm for class 20-63, the Daikin FXFQ-B Cassette AC also boasts the lowest installation height in the market. An optional fresh air intake and branch duct discharge allow for optimized air distribution in irregular shaped rooms or to supply air to small adjacent rooms. The unit also comes with a standard drain pump with 675mm lift that increases flexibility and installation speed.

Optional presence and floor sensors detect the presence of people in the room and the average floor temperature, ensuring an even temperature distribution between the ceiling and floor. Home leave operation maintains the indoor temperature at your specified comfort level during absence, thus saving energy, while fan only mode allows you to use the unit as a fan without heating or cooling.

The auto-cleaning filter ensures optimum energy efficiency and maximum comfort without the need for expensive or time-consuming maintenance. Draught prevention and auto cooling-heating changeover further add to the unit’s versatility, while whisper quiet operation ensures it won’t disturb the quiet of the neighbourhood.

Other features of the Daikin FXFQ-B Cassette AC include ceiling soiling prevention, individual flap control via the wired remote controller, vertical auto swing, fan speed steps, dry programme, UV Streamer kit (optional), air filter, weekly timer (optional), infrared remote control (optional), wired remote control (optional), centralised control (optional), auto-restart, self-diagnosis, and multi-tenant (optional).

With its impressive range of features, the Daikin FXFQ-B Cassette AC for VRV cassette ac is the perfect choice for those who want a reliable and efficient air conditioning system that provides both comfort and convenience.





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