Daikin FXMQ125PBV1

4.0 Ton | 14.0 kW | 5.3 HP | 48,000 Btu/h


Explore Daikin FXMQ125PBV1 – a high static concealed ducted split for VRV, ideal for residential and commercial air conditioning. Experience powerful, efficient cooling.

AED  4,100.00

Daikin FXMQ-PBV1 VRV Concealed Ducted Features ImageDaikin FXMQ-PBV1 VRV Concealed Ducted Technical Specifications Image

Introducing the Daikin FXMQ125PBV1 concealed ducted split for VRV – the perfect solution for your residential and commercial air conditioning needs! This high static concealed ceiling duct is designed to provide exceptional flexibility in duct design with its middle and high static pressure capacity.

The unit features a powerful DC fan motor that increases its external static pressure capacity range, allowing it to handle middle to high static pressures with ease. This feature not only increases design flexibility but also makes it ideal for use in large commercial spaces.

With a height of only 300mm, the Daikin FXMQ-PBV1 is compact and easy to install, making it perfect for concealed ceiling installations. The airflow rate can be easily controlled using a remote controller during test operations, providing you with greater control over the unit’s performance.

Unlike conventional models, the airflow rate on this unit is controlled from the remote controller, eliminating the need for manual control from the PC board. The drain pan can also be easily detached for hassle-free cleaning.

The Daikin FXMQ-PBV1 is equipped with an antibacterial treatment that uses silver ions, preventing the growth of slime, mold, and bacteria that cause blockages and odors. The adopted DC fan motor is much more efficient than conventional AC motors, yielding an approximate 20% decrease in energy consumption.

With a drain pump equipped as a standard accessory and a lift of 700mm, this unit is perfect for use in commercial spaces with high ceilings. The control of airflow rate has also been improved from 2-step to 3-step control, giving you greater control over the unit’s performance.

The Daikin FXMQ-PBV1 operates with a low sound level, ensuring that it doesn’t disrupt your daily activities. It also automatically selects the most appropriate fan curve to achieve the unit’s nominal airflow within ± 10%, providing you with optimal performance and efficiency.

In summary, the Daikin FXMQ-PBV1 concealed ducted split for VRV is a versatile and efficient solution for your commercial air conditioning needs. With its compact design, flexible duct capabilities, and advanced features, this unit is perfect for large commercial spaces that require reliable and efficient air conditioning.





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