Daikin FXSQ140A

4.5 Ton | 15.8 kW | 6.0 HP | 54,000 Btu/h


Experience superior cooling with the slim yet powerful Daikin FXSQ140A Concealed Ducted Split AC for VRV. Designed for optimal performance and efficiency.

AED  4,500.00

Daikin FXSQ-A VRV Ducted Split Technical Specifications Image

Introducing the Daikin FXSQ140A Conceal Ducted Split AC for VRV – the slimmest yet most powerful medium static pressure unit on the market. With a built-in height of just 300mm and a slim width of 245mm, this unit is designed to fit into even the narrowest ceiling voids, making it perfect for small or well-insulated rooms such as hotel bedrooms and small offices.

Not only is the Daikin FXSQ-A incredibly slim, it also operates quietly, with a sound pressure level as low as 25dBA. This makes it an ideal choice for environments where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.

The medium external static pressure of up to 150Pa allows for the use of flexible ducts of varying lengths, and the possibility to change ESP via the wired remote control allows for the optimization of the supply air volume. This makes installation easier and guarantees comfort, no matter the length of ductwork or type of grilles used.

The Daikin FXSQ-A is discretely concealed in the ceiling, with only the suction and discharge grilles visible. This gives it a sleek and modern appearance that will complement any interior design.

The multi zoning kit allows for multiple individually-controlled climate zones to be served by one indoor unit, reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency. An optional fresh air intake is also available for added flexibility.

Installation is easy and flexible, with the air suction direction able to be altered from rear to bottom suction, and a standard built-in drain pump that increases flexibility and installation speed. The automatic air flow adjustment function measures the air volume and static pressure and adjusts it towards the nominal air flow, whatever the length of duct, making installation even easier and guaranteeing comfort.

Overall, the Daikin FXSQ-A is the perfect choice for those looking for a slim and powerful ducted split AC unit that offers flexibility, energy efficiency, and optimum comfort. With its low sound level, discreet design, and easy installation, it is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications.





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