Daikin FXMQ200NVE6

6.3 Ton | 22.4 kW | 8.5 HP | 76,400 Btu/h


Explore Daikin FXMQ200NVE6 – a high static concealed ducted split for VRV, ideal for commercial air conditioning. Experience powerful, efficient cooling.

AED  7,700.00

Daikin FXMQ-NVE6 VRV Concealed Ducted Technical Specifications Image

Introducing the Daikin FXMQ200NVE6 Ducted Splits – the ultimate solution for extra large sized spaces. With an External Static Pressure (ESP) of up to 270, this system can easily handle the demands of even the most challenging environments.

The Daikin FXMQ-NVE6 VRV Ducted Splits comes with a large cooling capacity of up to 28 kW, making it perfect for large commercial spaces, factories, and warehouses. The system’s two-step fan speed allows you to control the airflow, ensuring a comfortable environment for all your occupants.

The air filter on this system is designed to remove airborne dust particles, ensuring a steady supply of clean air. This feature is especially important for people with respiratory issues, as it helps to reduce the chances of allergies or respiratory infections.

The Daikin FXMQ-NVE6 VRV Ducted Splits also comes with a self-diagnosis feature, which simplifies maintenance by indicating any system faults or operating anomalies. This helps to ensure that the system runs at optimal performance at all times, reducing the risk of system failures and downtime.

With the dry program, humidity levels can be reduced without any variations in room temperature. This feature is especially useful in humid climates where reducing humidity levels can be a challenge.

For added convenience, the Daikin FXMQ-NVE6 VRV Ducted Splits comes with an optional drain pump kit that facilitates condensation draining from the indoor unit. This ensures that the system runs efficiently without any interruption due to water accumulation.

In summary, the Daikin FXMQ-NVE6 VRV Ducted Splits is the ideal choice for extra large sized spaces that require reliable, efficient, and high-capacity cooling solutions. With its advanced features, you can rest assured that your space will be comfortable, healthy, and efficient at all times.





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